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SOC Enhancement

The SOC goes by many names, but at its core is the need for continuous monitoring of critical security events.  Putting humans into a 24x7 endless cycle can be a daunting task...for the analysts and for those managing analysts.  Standing up a SOC from scratch can be challenging.  Scaling a SOC can be difficult.  Optimizing a SOC can feel near impossible at times.  Believe it or not, with right strategic framework, your SOC doesn’t have to be 24x7.  Or, if it does have to, it can be done in a strategic way that preserves human dignity.  We know this can be done.  We have built constructs like these before.  We have also operated and enabled some of the largest or globally scoped SOCs in the world.  The SOC doesn’t have to be a necessary evil or status symbol; it really can add tremendous value to your business risk posture at a cost that might pleasantly surprise you, freeing up resources to build efficiency elsewhere.  Let us help you frame the problem or mature the good foundation you’ve already laid.

Questions we’d love to answer:

I need a SOC as soon as possible; do I have to pay for a managed services provider, and/or can I build my own?

I have a SOC, but it could be more efficient; can you help me optimize what I have?

How can I use my SOC to conduct threat hunting operations as well?

Where can I automate my security operations, analysis, or response?

What’s the best way to get threat intelligence indicators into my security operations or continuous monitoring processes?

Are there tools I can buy or build to better enable my security analysts do high quality work?

How should I approach my orchestration and automation strategy?