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Threat Hunting OJT

Sometimes your security analysts or threat hunters have all the training they can handle, but they lack something you simply cannot give them: experience in the seat. We get that problem; we ran into it when we were in your shoes. One thing the military has done quite well considering their constantly transitioning members is the idea of ramping up their strategically focused but tactically-oriented teams quickly with on-the-job training (OJT). OJT solves the problem training and education simply can't: rapidly gaining experiences with a seasoned expert at your side, coaching and mentoring you along the way. Have your own analysts hunt your own data! You benefit from our expertise as well as building your own intuition in house.

Common use cases:

I need my hunters to ride alongside the experts for a short time to ensure I'm building my hunting program as effectively as possible.

Training is great, but I want my hunter sit with an expert and learn the intricacies of hunting with them.

I have a newly hired hunter; I want to rapidly ramp him/her up with real-life hands-on experiences in just a week or two.


Weekly increments