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Threat Hunting Service

Not sure where to start with building your own threat hunting program, or you just need to buy time while you're strategizing? Let us do the hunting for you. We can be up and running overnight, and you'll have experts watching your back while you focus on other priorities. We perform continuous hunting for threats (as opposed to periodic scans or queries). With our thoughtfully developed hunting and orchestration platform, we automate the repeatable tasks of hunting while leaving the most important piece to our human hunters: making judgement calls. This leads to massive efficiencies we have proven will work in the largest enterprises on the planet. That means a much lower cost structure that gets passed onto you. Whether our hunting discovers threats in your environment or the lack thereof, you will always be the benefactor of visibility and reassurance you actually know what's happening on your network.

Our Threat Hunting Service pairs well with our Threat Hunting OJT offering. While we hunt for you, have your hunter(s) ride along with us and learn the philosophy, strategy, methodologies, and tactics that can benefit your internal efforts.

Common use cases:

I need a stop-gap or “drop-in” hunting capability until I can stand up my own hunting program.

I need a fully developed hunting capability immediately.

I need a way to detect previously unknown or advanced threats.

I'm looking for a way to operationalize an anomaly detection program.


Flexible monthly options or annual contracts