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Threat hunting was born out of necessity.  No longer do security practitioners fully depend on passive monitoring models to detect the varieties of threats out there.  There are multiple ways to perform hunting - some simple, some more complex.  For the greatest effect, hunting should be focused and aligned with the overall security and risk strategy of the business.  There are ways to get started with just a few tools and one person, and there are ways to effectively scale a 24x7 hunting operation.  We have done both (and the in-between).  Just as important as what to hunt for is knowing what not to hunt for.  We can help articulate your security strategy as it relates to an effective hunting program.  And then we can help you achieve it. We offer both hunting-as-a-service as well as enablement and training.

Questions we’d love to answer:

How can I have effective hunting operations immediately?

How do I detect previously unknown threats?

How do I operationalize an anomaly detection program?

What kind of tools do I need to get started hunting?

What kind of advanced or big data analytics are possible within my enterprise?