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Compromise Assessment

Visibility and Insight

Is it sometimes hard to rest at night because you don't have confidence you know what's happening on your corporate network? We can help with that. We used to worry about the same, so we developed a methodology to give us the visibility and reassurance we need. 

We'd like to offer this methodology to you as our Compromise Assessment. Within a month, we can provide you a tremendous amount of insight into your IT environment, such as advanced threats that have evaded your security solutions, typical and abnormal logon activities, strange application behaviors, apparent abuse of native tools (i.e. not malware, but still malicious), and more.


The core of our compromise assessment is based upon our proven Threat Hunting methodologies. We have extensive expertise building, operating and scaling highly effective threat hunting teams enabled by a custom behavioral analytics platform that we built in-house. 

When we concentrate our technology and threat hunting experience into a short-term engagement, the result is a dramatic increase in visibility and understanding of what is or isn't happening within your environment.

Use cases

We've had so much change in our environment lately that I no longer have confidence nor sufficient visibility into our current state. We have plans to improve this, but we need a stop-gap solution to set a baseline from which we can move forward.

I know we are a potential target of advanced attackers, but I don't have the budget/team to answer the simple question of whether or not we are currently being targeted. I need a periodic assessment by a team of experts to help answer this question as well to give me insight and visibility into the current state of my environment.

I don’t have a hunting program yet, I’m not sure the best way to start one, and I don’t have confidence there aren’t advanced threats on my network. I need something to kick-start my program, guide future maturation of it, and provide immediate visibility of advanced attackers on my network.


Typically 4 weeks. May vary depending on your needs.